A Few Natural Ideas on How to Reconnect With Nature Through Landscape Photography

I took a photographic trip to one of my favourite destinations in the Drakensberg mountains, Cobham campsite.

Cobham is a rustic campsite cradled in the valleys of the Southern Drakensberg mountain range, approximately ten kilometres from the small town of Underberg.

The magical charms of the Cobham mountains will please all nature lovers.

It is, after all, a land that holds millenniums of stories within its beautiful grasses, monster rocks, and royal mountain peaks.

It is a contemplative place far from the maddening crowds and modern city life.

A place for weary souls

It is the sort of place a weary soul can find refuge.

All that is required is you sit and stare at the rocky peaks, ever-changing under the sun’s dynamic light.

The scenery will astound you.


Not only is the scenery significant, but also the silence grips your attention as if nature can see your inner desires.

In this serene silence and surroundings, a landscape photographer can begin to dream up big ideas.

Losing mobile devices for a while

Here, switching your devices off, packing them away, and simply living free of your connection to any society is customary.

As much as I am a fan of technology and addicted to it like most people are today, it is an almost forgotten pleasure not to have a device on the go – to remind yourself of the importance of connecting with the natural world for a while.

Connecting with nature is important as our contemporary lifestyles are increasingly going in the opposite direction.

It is not only about beauty and reverence but also about remembering our connection.

Through photography, we can find an excellent reason to reacquaint our earthly selves with Mother Nature.

Getting in touch with nature through photography

Now that we have arrived and acquainted ourselves with the prevailing landscape, it is time to get in the mood for taking photographs.

Since we are landscape photographers getting in the spirit is easy.

It is time to scan the landscape to see what might make an appealing photograph.

If nothing you see looks interesting, then it is time to pack the gear and take a walk. It is fair to assume that walking about and exploring the land is necessary to find a new suitable location.

In Cobham, this is encouraged.

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