An Ancient Water World in Italy

If you appreciate the unusual combination of water, boats, and fine cultural experiences, Venice is definitely a place to add to your travel destination list. Imagine the London transport network, but placed upon the water, where busses are big boats cruising beside majestic scenes of an ancient city that is built upon a lagoon. VeniceContinue reading “An Ancient Water World in Italy”

Mauritania Travels on my Mind: A Desert Expedition

There is something invigorating about sleeping under the night’s warm blanket on the desert floor. A natural bedroom covered in stars, revealing the nightly secrets of the mighty Sahara. Landing at the airport in a military coup Our group had landed in the little acclaimed Islamic Republic of Mauritania amid a military coup. Mauritania isContinue reading “Mauritania Travels on my Mind: A Desert Expedition”

A Most Pleasurable Zanzibar Island Holiday

Stone Town is the only functioning historical city in east Africa that is much the same as it was 200 years ago and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Zanzibar Is Unique It is not clichéd to label this island as unique. Zanzibar had the first steam locomotive in East Africa, was the first regionContinue reading “A Most Pleasurable Zanzibar Island Holiday”