A Curated List of Free Resource Links For Avid Photographers

In addition to our classy blog posts and tutorials, and for our readers’ benefit, the Crowpix Media blog has curated a page of quick links to Free Online Tutorials from various expert partners and friends of the Crowpix tribe.


Adobe is the go-to editing software for many creatives around the globe.

Lightroom Classic Basics (Beginner)

Lightroom Classic Experienced (Intermediate to Advanced)

Photoshop Basics (Beginner)

Photoshop Experienced (Intermediate to Advanced)

Landscape Photography

Best Aperture for Landscape Photography

7 Tips for Seascape Photography

The Rule of Thirds Explained

The Best Settings For Night Photography

5 Different Tips to Improve Your Photography

How to Leverage a Wide-Angle 16-35mm for the Best Seascape Photos

10 Tips For Wide-Angle Landscape Photography

How Good Is The DJI Air 2S For Drone Landscape Photography?

5 Key Reasons to Use a Telephoto in Landscape Photography

7 Tips for Photographing Dreamlike Landscapes

16 Types of Landscape Photography

Wildlife Photography

Steve Perry Wildlife Photography Presentation Tips, Techniques and Tricks

Shooting Wildlife (With a Camera)


Conservation Photography

How To Get Started in Conservation Photography

Beginner’s Photography

The 75, 85, 100 Rule of Shooting: How to Be a Happier Photographer

Black And White Photography

Photoshop And 6 Tools

A Comprehensive Introduction to Black and White Photography

Introduction to Black and White Nature Photography

When and Why to Make a Photo Black and White

6 Tips to Improve Your Black and White Landscape Photography


Black & White Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Photography And Conservation Donation Africa

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